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Enrollment/Getting Started



The K-8 program will remain open for new registrations throughout the year. We are now accepting registration for the 2024-2025 school year.


The High School Program is open for the fall 2024 semester. Please click on the High School Program tab above for high school information.

The annual K-8 Program Orientation for the 2024-2025 school year is tentatively scheduled for Thursday evening, August 15, and will be available as a You Tube recording for anyone registering later.

Please contact us for more information. Registration applications for the K-8 Program and/or High School Program are available for download on this website. Re-enrollment forms are provided to our families in the spring.


1. Register with Shepherd Christian School 

The application for the K-8 Program is available for download on this website, or you may request one to be sent through the mail. Fill out the Registration Application completely and send it to SCS along with the proper registration fee (as outlined on the HOME page of this website) and the signed School Policies Agreement. Email or FAX submissions are not accepted.

2. Select and purchase curriculum 

A large variety of choices is available. Try not to become overwhelmed by purchasing too many books. They all sound great, but you will only need the basic subjects to start with. More may be added later. Browse homeschooling resource sites online to become familiar with the options available. Many suppliers will mail catalogs, if requested. Ask homeschooling friends for ideas, and ask to see their curriculum. More information about resources and suppliers will gladly be provided to you by SCS upon your request. Optional curriculum counseling is also available, if necessary.

3. Obtain a membership in Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) 

As a member of SCS, you are entitled to receive a discount off the regular HSLDA membership price of $135 per year per family. Discounted cost is $120 per year. You can apply online at You will need the SCS group discount number in order to receive the discounted rate, which is 296184 (available for SCS families only).

4. Find local homeschooling support

This may be through your church, through social media, or by joining a local homeschooling support group. A CHEA-affiliated support group may be located through contacting CHEA (Christian Home Educators of California). Shepherd Christian School may occasionally offer special field trips, activities or get-togethers to our member families. Information will be sent through email, and participation is voluntary. These opportunities will be available to member families only, unless otherwise specified.

5. Complete your SCS Enrollment Packet


After your Registration Application has been received, SCS will send you an Enrollment Packet containing all the forms, including complete instructions and sample forms, necessary to complete the enrollment process. Return the completed forms to SCS by the date indicated. We do not use email or FAX for any paperwork submission. Please don’t hesitate to call the school office if additional help is needed.

6. Plan daily schedules to get you started 

Consult with other homeschoolers, or obtain a homeschooling “how to” book to get ideas. Create a tentative daily schedule, keeping it light and flexible in the beginning. It can be modified later as you become more familiar with the needs of your family. Optional organizational consultation is available through SCS if necessary.

7. Meet with the SCS Administrator to obtain your Parent Teacher Manual and all your necessary record keeping forms 

For the K-8 Program, a group Orientation is held in mid-August each year. Those enrolling later in the school year will receive their materials in the mail as well as access to a recording of the orientation information, during which complete explanations of all paperwork and procedures are given. There is only one meeting during the school year for grades K-8. For the High School Program, parents meet with the SCS Administrator three times during each school year, as outlined in the high school information packet.

8. Set up a Daily Record Book 

This is a notebook where you will keep a log of your daily school activities / accomplishments.  A large, three-ringed binder works best. Your child(ren)’s Attendance Record, your Yearly Calendar, support group newsletters, etc., may also be kept in the binder. Remember, all necessary forms are provided by SCS.

9. Remove your child(ren) from the previous school (if applicable) 

Simply inform the previous school that you have enrolled your child(ren) in a private school and that they will be receiving a request for student records from the new school shortly. This step may not be necessary if you are enrolling in SCS during the break between school years. SCS will request the cumulative records, aka "cume files", from the previous school after your registration has been received.

10. Begin! 

Remember to start out slowly and consistently, modifying as necessary when you start to feel more comfortable. Follow the Schedule of Due Dates and instructions for monthly reporting in your Parent Teacher Manual. Feel free to contact the school office with any questions that aren’t answered in the Manual.

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